Zodiaq® for Hospitality
Zodiaq® Onyx Carrara hotel reception

Zodiaq® quartz is innovative yet affordable for hotel and hospitality design, as well as for lodging and multi-family housing. This quartz material has attributes that make it beautiful, versatile, welcoming, and comfortable for guests.

Where style and strength are equally essential, Zodiaq® quartz offers outstanding benefits for hotel environments, creating high-performance sophistication for key applications, such as receptions, bar tops, and bathrooms.

Zodiaq® can be anything you want it to be. Naturally welcoming, it imparts fashion and function for the commercial housing and lodging industries. Widely utilized in multi-family housing and lodging installations, from affordable to high-end, Zodiaq® quartz has design flexibility and performance characteristics to meet all hospitality needs.

Dramatic, Durable, and Stain-Resistant

Zodiaq® is 93% quartz, one of nature’s strongest materials. It is durable, scratch resistant, and heat resistant as well as NFS/ANSI Standard 51 Certified for food Contact and Class I (A) fire rated.

Unconventionally beautiful, Zodiaq® quartz has dramatic veining and movement to capture the imagination. Zodiaq® quartz is stain resistant – stains cannot permeate and minor surface discolorations can be easily removed.

Soothing, Easy-to-Clean Bathrooms

On a functional level, Zodiaq® has been certified for hygienic properties. A nonporous material, it will not support the growth of mold and mildew when properly cleaned, creating surfaces that are both elegant and easy-to-maintain.

Vibrant and Memorable Restaurants and Bars

Zodiaq® can be adapted to suit all forms of dining and entertaining requirements and satisfy the most demanding standards of both beauty and hygiene. Zodiaq® quartz colors can create a relaxed atmosphere or be the highlight of your design. 

Beautiful, yet so much more

  • Durable, easy-to-clean and maintain 
  • With many color aesthetics to choose from, you can create a consistent, warm, inviting ambience and brand experience at one or many locations
  • Will not support the growth of mold and mildew when properly cleaned
  • Stain resistant (stains cannot permeate and minor surface discoloration is easily removed)
  • Available in a wide range of colors and edge options