Zodiaq® for Residential Design
Zodiaq® Portoro fireplace

You'll find that Zodiaq® quartz provides the ideal surface material for every room. Beauty and strength are built into its very nature.

Make Kitchens Come Alive

Zodiaq® quartz is perfect for a range of kitchen styles, from hi-tech to traditional, from coolly minimalist to warm and homey. Offering extraordinary design flexibility in a wide range of colors and patterns, Zodiaq® quartz offers a sleek, hygienic, nonporous surface ideal for your next project.

Design the Ideal Bathroom

Zodiaq® quartz can become the main attraction in any bathroom with a striking design scheme in the color of your choice. Durable, nonporous, and easy to clean, Zodiaq® offers low-maintenance luxury.

Seamless Appearance

High-performing Corian® sinks can be perfectly integrated with your Zodiaq® designs to create the sleek appearance of a single surface. Zodiaq® also works brilliantly together with such materials as stainless steel, wood, and glass.

Other Uses & Applications