Combining Zodiaq® with Other Materials
Zodiaq® Dove Grey

In architectural design today, it’s the combination of materials, styles, and colors that bring a compelling vision to life.

A Perfect Complement

Zodiaq® quartz is the perfect partner for other architectural materials both visually and practically. It is ideal with metal, wood, glass, and especially Corian®, giving it a myriad of possibilities in kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial environments.

Supporting or Leading Your Design

Zodiaq® quartz is easily adaptive to any role in your design. In neutral colors, it provides a quiet backdrop, allowing other materials to shine. In the more dramatically veined colors, Zodiaq® quartz can be the highlight of your design.

Transforming Vision Into Reality

Designers worldwide value Zodiaq® quartz as a design material that can transform vision into reality. With a variety of color and style options available, you'll discover a world of innovative design possibilities.